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Have a dispute? Let us mediate before you litigate. From couples to corporations we help find the best path that fits your needs and budget.

Need legal support? We have experienced, competent paralegals, notaries and process servers from Houston, Austin and beyond.

Cravens Mediation is not a law firm and we cannot give legal advice.   We help find affordable solutions and explore all avenues of assistance so you can take charge of legal costs and unresolved disputes.  Whether you are pro se or have a contested matter, we can help resolve all issues through mediation. With over 28 years of experience in the legal field Cravens Mediation serves Greater Houston and all surrounding counties with a principal office located in Friendswood, Texas. Contact us  for a free 30 minute initial consultation.



Civil & Family Mediation


Civil Cases 

Contract Paralegal * NALA Certified

  • Case/Trial Management
  • Document Prep
  • Court Filing – County, State & Federal
  • EFiling – All Courts & Real Property
  • Records Research & Training

Notary Services


Process Serving

Private Process Serving, State of Texas:

  • Citations, Precepts, Notices, Summons, Injunctions, Writs of Garnishment, Subpoenas, TROs and POs
  • Contract/Coordinate services with Sheriff/Constables for Warrants, Writs, Probate, Enforcements or Seizures

Attorney Records Retrieval Service

  • Subpoenas, Deposition on Written Questions and Notice Preparation for Medical & Employment Records on all types of litigation including; medical malpractice, insurance defense, class actions, mass tort and products liability
  • Court Reporting via contract

Guardianship Services

  • Ensuring safety & advocating the ward’s living environment & preferences
  • Arranging/consenting to medical treatment;
  • Assistance applying for public benefits;
  • Assistance managing the financial affairs,
  • Assistance arranging for support services


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